Denon AVR-X6300H Denon AVR-X6300H

Denon AVR-X6300H

4,999 лв. 4,750 лв.

Enjoy a superb surround sound experience with the Denon AVR-X6300H, which features Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D surround decoding, and is the first Denon AV ...

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Denon AVR-X4300H Denon AVR-X4300H

Denon AVR-X4300H

3,199 лв. 3,040 лв.

Discover a whole new world of thrilling 3D surround sound with the Denon AVR-X4300H Network AV receiver, a premium 9.2-channel home theatre centre with discrete...

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Marantz HD-CD1 Marantz HD-CD1

Marantz HD-CD1

1,199 лв. 1,140 лв.

The latest addition to the new Marantz MusicLink series is the HD-CD1, a high-quality CD player in the same compact form as the HD-AMP1 amplifier, for which it ...

Marantz SR5011 Marantz SR5011

Marantz SR5011

1,799 лв. 1,710 лв.

Packed with the latest audio and video technologies, the Marantz SR5011 lifts your Home Theatre to a new level. Featuring Dolby Atmos and DTS:X (via firmware up...

Marantz SR6011 Marantz SR6011

Marantz SR6011

2,799 лв. 2,660 лв.

9x 185W Network AV Receiver with Bluetooth and built-in Wi-Fi. Immerse yourself in stunning 3D surround sound with the SR6011 AV receiver featuring Dolby A...

DLS Flatsub 8.2 DLS Flatsub 8.2

DLS Flatsub 8.2

809 лв.

The Flatsub 8.2 is a new unique active sub replacing Flatsub 8. It is designed to hang on a wall, but can also be placed on the floor, for example under a sofa....

DLS D-one DLS D-one

DLS D-one

1,739 лв.

D-one, the ultimate speaker for those looking to combine a high-fidelity sound with a design that stands out from the crowd, all in the same unit. The nice...

ISOL 8 PowerLine Ultra ISOL 8 PowerLine Ultra

ISOL 8 PowerLine Ultra

1,050 лв. 945 лв.

The PowerLine Ultra is fully power conditioned, surge protected, and optimised for audio. One Direct Connection outlet is provided, filtered by a high current s...

ISOL 8 PowerLine Plus ISOL 8 PowerLine Plus

ISOL 8 PowerLine Plus

1,000 лв. 900 лв.

PowerLine Plus carries a number of features to lift performance still further. Mains earth has a finite impedance and does behave as an antenna, perfect for cap...

Bluesound Vault 2 Bluesound Vault 2

Bluesound Vault 2

1,899 лв.

Stream It In High-Res Anywhere You Want.All Without A Computer.A 2 TB hard drive will let you rapidly rip all your CDs in lossless high-resolution or space-savi...

What and where to buy?


Buy only products with proof of origin and warranty card from official retailer. Please, be advised - there are many conterfeit BOSE products on the market, and products without official warranty.

To ensure a home cinema system is right for you, where doyou start? Here’s an important tip....don’t start with WHAT, start with WHERE. There’s only one way to give yourself thebest chance of getting it right first time, and that’s through aspecialist AV dealer.

Most specialists are running their businessbecause, above all, home cinema is their hobby. They spend alarge portion of their time comparing systems to get the bestpossible results.They know the component combinations whichdon’t get together and, conversely, they know the combinationswhich give the best performance within to its optimum. But theyall also know the system must suit you.

Buying or being sold to?

There are dealers around, web based or otherwise, who will sell you anything you are willing to pay for. They may be a bit cheaper but that’s all they offer. Now there’s a carefully selected group of long-established specialist dealers who are totally committed to putting the customer first. Their idea of ‘selling’ is to discuss your requirements, offer their advice, give you and allow you to be the judge.

You’ll probably be surprised and, almost certainly, relieved to discover how easy it is to see and hear the differences between components and between systems. You’ll be able to make a clear and informed decision about what to buy.

Getting the best deal

Unless you’ve got money to burn, you’ll be living with yournew system for years. Most of these dealers offer much longerequipment guarantees than provided by the manufacturer, a veryworthwhile benefit, but it also makes it in the dealer’s interest toensure high build quality and reliability.